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DNC, RNC musings

I just have to re-post Josh Brown’s reflections on the political conventions (thanks to Revolution in Jesusland for posting it first), because they are my sentiments almost to a T.

For pure entertainment value I watched the DNC 2 weeks ago and was reminded of a Michael Jackson European tour in the late 80s with people crying and trampling each other to touch the cloak of his garment. It was sad and yet almost understandable to see people so desperate for change that they worked themselves up into an emotional frenzy over a person and a process that by himself can do more lasting change than the previous rich grey heads that have sat in the Oval Office.

For pure sleeping aid, I have watched the RNC the last 2 nights to lull myself to sleep with a bunch of the rich grey heads waking up from their sleep every 5 minutes when a speaker says the word terrorism. It has seriously lacked any energy or “heart” at all. That is until Rudy G – every conservatives whipping boy during the primary until he became a cult hero as the keynote – took the stage. All the rich white people who were driving their SUVs and flying their coach, first class, and chartered planes to the convention started chanting “DRILL BABY DRILL” for close to 5 minutes. It was the loudest they got in 2 days. I’m pretty sure I saw a few people salivate and/or piss their pants.

I’m not sure which convention was more full of fluff. The rock star status that Obama got at the DNC or the Cracker Barrell crowd that fell asleep out of sheer boredome at the RNC.

Oh Come and Rescue Us From This Madness.

I’ve also enjoyed the theater GOP vice prez nominee Sarah Palin has brought to the campaign.  Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up.  It’s just too good.  Many, many people have written long and worthwhile pieces on Palin and this campaign already, so I won’t go there.  I will, however, point you to one of the funniest things I’ve watched in quite a while, a clip from the most trusted name in “media,” Jon Stewart.

You have to believe politicians slept better before the advent of the video recorder.