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The Pearl

This is just such a beautiful song by a great artist.  And the lyrics are haunting, real, and worshipful.

The best modern lament psalms are being written by “secular” artists. (by this I mean artists outside the Christian music industry)  Given CCM’s propensity to produce slick, attractive, packaged, mass-produced and easily cloned products — with profit as its primary goal — this comes as no surprise.

Yesterday, I found out about, a site invented by recovering former CCM musician Derek Webb. NoiseTrade is a “fair trade” music site, where artists (including Webb, his wife Sandra McCracken, and bands Sixpence None the Richer and Waterdeep, among others) provide their music for download in exchange for any amount of money the downloader wants to pay OR for free if he/she refers three friends to the site. All this is done sans record labels, by the way.  It’s a cool concept, and one that I’m sure will be replicated more and more in the future, given the growing open-source nature of music in emerging generations.

It’s nice to see gospel-infused music following many in the church back to the margins of society where it belongs, and out of the limelight, the center-stage, the profiteering.