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a different way

Let me clarify a thing or two about what I am saying and NOT saying in the last post and subsequent comments:

I am not saying that people of faith do  not have an obligation to speak prophetically to and about the evil power systems of this world.  The last blog post, in a small way, does just that.

What I AM saying is that for people of faith to then go and dive headlong into that same corrupt political system is, in my opinion, a conflict of interest.  This is why non-Christians looked in disgust on the Moral Majority as they sought (and still seek, to some extent) to transform America through right-wing political legislation.  This is why some are beginning to attach the label “Religious Left” to people / groups of faith on the other end of the spectrum whose issues are different but whose tactics seem frighteningly similar.

What if people of faith stood up and said, “The system is broken, and we place no hope in it. We conscientiously object to participating in a process that seeks to do the same things over and over and expects different results. Our king is Jesus.  Our guide is the Holy Spirit.  Our judge is God”?

We preach a different way in every other arena of life, but why do so many people of faith become incensed when someone suggests that this extends to the political arena?

What if the church acted like the church with respect to issues of justice and mercy?