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We picked up our first weekly community supported agriculture (CSA) share tonight.  We met a couple that lives around the corner from us, got acquainted with them (he’s a programmer … she works for, then went together to pick up a box-full of fresh, in-season, locally grown vegetables.  Fresh lettuce … radishes … turnips … strawberries … bok choy … fresh cilantro and basil — and that is just this week’s box.  Can’t wait until the ‘maters are in season.

When we found out about a group that was forming to have a CSA delivered to East Boston, we jumped on it.  It’s amazing on so many levels:

• Farmers get paid for their crops at the beginning of the season

• local foods are delivered to our urban neighborhood

• we’re connected in a greater way to the food that we eat and the farmers that produce them (instead of having our foods delivered to us from all over the planet)

• we’re connected in a greater way to our neighbors (we’re splitting a share with our new around-the-corner neighbors/friends)

• we’re eating healthy, mostly organic foods

Seems like a no-brainer to me.  CSAs exist in most major cities.  What if churches led the way in the local food movement by supporting local farmers and joining CSAs?