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Shhh, it’s a conspiracy.

These are uncertain times, economically speaking. But according to a recent poll by American Research Group, Inc., Americans this year will still spend close to $500 per person extra this Holiday season — mostly on gifts.

We will spend beyond our means and receive items we don’t even need, while non-profits serving our communities struggle just to get by. With charitable donations and government grants down drastically this holiday season, many non-profits are cutting way back, threatening the very services that are central to their mission.

Here’s a thought: What if every American “skipped” the bulk of Christmas consumerism this year, instead donating a good portion of that money (if not all) to an organization that is helping people?

Join us in making the holiday season about loving our neighbors as ourselves. Give to a charity that is special to you. Give some money to allow another person or two access to clean water. Or, you are welcome to join us in giving to these wonderful Boston non-profits:

Generations Incorporated


East Boston Social Centers

Whatever you do, make a change this Christmas.