Break Bread.

Sometimes, advertising just flat-out gets it right.

As in the case of the Panera Bread ad that appeared in Thursday’s USA Today.  It’s a vision of a day in which polar opposites, bitter enemies, “lions and lambs” sit down together.  Of course, Christians know this day is on its way, and that our joy is seeing glimpses of this reconciliation in the here and now.

Here’s the ad … let me know if you can’t read the text:

Break Bread.

Since it’s Christmas, this reminds me of the poignant story of German and British soldiers who called a “Christmas Truce” in the trenches of World War I, climbing out of their fox holes to drink wine, share cigarettes, and sing carols.

Breaking bread. There may not be a more important act in the universe, especially when it facilitates reconciliation.  May it be so this Christmas.

One response to this post.

  1. This reminds me of a paper I wrote in a grad class called Religion in Human Transformation. My final paper was about the common thread of food (breaking bread) in all of the religions we studied. This included not just Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but also Santeria, Condomble and other afro-american religions. Breaking bread is universal and transforming. Sharing a meal is sacred.


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