The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

Based on the children’s book by the same title, the film is just as powerful. Two 8-year-old boys become unlikely friends in Nazi Germany — one the son of a Nazi commandant and the other an imprisoned Jew.  Seeing the Holocaust from the perspective of its youngest observers and participants really puts the atrocity in perspective.  We watched the movie instantly on, and you should see it any way you can.  It isn’t pretty at times, but it’s important.  We need these stories to remind us that we’re all humans and need each other.


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  1. GREAT movie! Just saw it Friday night.

    *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

    To me, one of the most powerful moments (aside from the ending) was when he was disloyal to his Jewish buddy when he got afraid of the Nazi soldier. He hated himself for it, too. And I loved how his Jewish buddy totally forgave him. It was like, “Yeah… what am I gonna do? Hold a grudge?” You just gotta love that part of the film. Sucks you in.

    Which, of course, makes that punch in the last scene a total shot in the gut.


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