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Having been called out by my mom to start blogging again, I must respond. I really want to blog regularly, believe me. My dilemma is not that I have too little material, but too much. I have sensed that the content of this blog is changing, but into what I don’t know. I want it to be less “religious.” Not less spiritual, less inspirational, or less action-inducing, but less “religious.” As I persist within a post-religious culture, I become less and less satisfied with circular conversations among “insiders,” instead concerned with how those who feel far from God can feel his presence and the joy that accompanies it.

This is partly why I decided to make this a gardening blog this summer, though I haven’t done a very good job of keeping that up either.

So, I ask, what should this blog be? I’ve been doing it for about 4 years now, and I feel it changing. It’s no longer the sounding board for a deconstructionist and method-happy grad. student, a venue for connection with other people of faith during a dry season relationally, or a creative outlet for a frustrated wannabe writer.

So what is it? Does it matter? Should I hang it up and just write for multi-contributor blogs like God’s Politics and Jesus Manifesto? I really covet your opinion/s.


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  1. I second missing your posting. It’s always good to hear your thoughts on things.

    As for the content decision, I don’t think it has to be any one thing, except for “The thoughts and experiences of Steve and Chrissy Holt.” Describe some of your day to day activities/experiences, a little gardening, maybe a little theology/spirituality, whatever. I personally read your stuff, because I know you guys and share an interest in intentional community.

    Not everything you write has to be profound. Sometimes its the simple things that bring the most excitement (or at least the political discussions). 🙂


  2. Posted by Lynn Holt on August 24, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    I don’t think it has to have a theme. You have a million thoughts floating around in your head. Also, you are perceptive to what’s going on around you. You can just write about a thought or perception, something that hits you as you journey along the road.


  3. Posted by miller on August 25, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    just what you care about…

    don’t think too much about where it fits…

    this is your blog, write your stuff…

    i don’t keep coming here because of your edgy choice of subjects,

    i keep coming here because you’re the writer and you challenge me when you write what you care about.


  4. I amen Miller’s thoughts…


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