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I want to tell you about a project a friend of mine is putting together, and it is pretty closely related to my post about the Story of Stuff.  So, many of us acknowledge that we have a consumption problem: we consume too much, and we often don’t know the origins of the stuff we consume.

Is your T-shirt assembled in a sweatshop?

What about your toothbrush?

How is the environment affected by the making of the shower radio you’ve had your eye on?

Enter WikiChoice, an open-source Web site that is positioning itself as the most powerful aggregator of information on the products we buy, from a social and environmental perspective. Like Wikipedia, WikiChoice harnesses the power of mass collaboration, allowing users to create content on the brands and products they use.  Over time, consumers will be able to access information on the social and environmental justice of thousands of brands — all within the framework of one site.

Right now, WC needs two things: time and money.  They need money to pay administrative costs, become incorporated, and let its founders eat.  Time-wise, they need you to go onto the site and import information about companies and products you care about.  It’s super easy, and the site walks you through the process.

As you can tell, I believe in this site, and not only because one of my good friends is one of its masterminds.  I love it because I can imagine a world where people begin to think before they buy, a simple step that will assist and relieve millions around the world. (not to mention our Earth)  So go to WikiChoice, sign up for more information, upload some information, give some money (if you have it), and use the site for your next purchase!

[End plug.]


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