Urban Ecovillages

Check out the description of an “urban ecovillage” on Global Ecovillage Network:

“An ecovillage is a human scale neighborhood where people know their neighbors and care about them. People can live close to where they work and play and have access to other essential services without use of automobiles. Together, neighbors try to minimize waste and pollution of all kinds. Residents and friends work together to create a healthy community socially, physically and economically.

Urban ecovillages work with surrounding neighborhoods and the city at large to bring a whole systems perspective to urban planning and community development activities. The L.A. Eco-Village Demonstration is part of an international network of sustainable neighborhood groups which seek to model healthier ways of living based on environmental sustainability and social and economic justice.”

Click here for a short video of the LA ecovillage talking about who they are.  Favorite quote from an ecovillage member about 2:55 into the video:

The thing is, in any kind of work, the most important thing is to know your neighbors. Start with your neighbors, sharing with your neighbors anything you have. We have a table … when there are those in need, [sic] put on the table, even clothes and things like that …


(HT: Kelly)


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