Colbert the evangelist?

Stephen Colbert, a practicing Catholic, makes a genuine Christmastime appeal to the goodness of God on his Comedy Central program.  Wish I could embed the video, but you’ll have to check it out here.


Also worth noting is this episode of Penn Gillette’s (of Penn & Teller fame) video blog about a special gift he received after a show one night. Penn, an avowed atheist, was clearly moved by an encounter with a Christian and has some interesting commentary on our willingness to speak of the hope within us. This might fall into the conversation we’ve had here relating to “gospel speech.” Perhaps a slightly different perspective, this time from an atheist. Enjoy.



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  1. Posted by miller on December 27, 2008 at 5:41 pm


    i don’t see colbert making a case for a good God… maybe my sense of humor just isn’t refined enough.

    as for penn, i just have some questions…

    if the life of one good man isn’t enough, how many would it take? and how would you know if they were good? would it take more than sincerity and a gideon bible?

    i think he makes a really good point though, if we know a truck’s coming…

    what will stop us from pushing them out of the way?

    i wonder if anyone ever asked Jesus that question?

    how does the “push” look in our context?

    to me it seems like the “push” christians have been administering is in the wrong direction. it seems to have been a push into the path of the truck rather than out of it.

    Jesus told the jewish proselytizers they routinely made their converts “sons of hell”…

    the things penn is saying really frustrate me…

    they leave me feeling like i’m in a lose/lose situation.

    thanks for the post steve, very thought provoking



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