N.T. Wright on Colbert?

N.T. WrightStephen ColbertWhile the Bible nerd in me loves the fact that one of the world’s premier scholars and authors (and my favorite, hands-down) was on the Colbert Report yesterday, the normal person in me isn’t sure it worked…

Perhaps Wright’s material is a bit too theologically heavy for Colbert Nation? Shoot, I can’t even get my head completely around the “life after life after death” stuff… Perhaps the Bishop is just a less-than-ideal ambassador for his own message on a young, hip show like Colbert’s. Either way, Wright wrote the book, so he gets to do the appearances.

I’d love to hear your your thoughts: link.

An aside: You’ve gotta hand it to Stephen Colbert: He’s a pretty deep guy who isn’t afraid to infuse his show with healthy doses of religious and spiritual talk. And his guest list reflects this as well: Anne Lamott, Jim Wallis, and now Wright. (and his chapter on Religion in his book, “I am America And So Can You,” is priceless…) I’m one who believes that Stephen Colbert is as good for starting meaningful conversations about faith and justice as he is for entertainment and satire.


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  1. Posted by thepriesthood on June 21, 2008 at 4:38 am

    i watched it with 3 others during our theological tea time today. we were all impressed, but clearly Tom was a bit out of sorts as he attempted to play along with Colbert’s game, conveying a thick eschatology at a breakneck pace while doing some comic sparring. how do you meaningfully enter into that kind of dialog in <6 minutes?

    anyway, it got my friend Bobby into linking the real eschatology (not an over-spiritualized one) with a real Eucharist–the real transubstantial presence of God in the elements (again not an over-spiritualized interpretation of symbolism). quite interesting stuff. but yeah, Tom needs a Rob Bell as a spokesperson for his brilliant theology.

    yeah the life-after… stuff was a bit heady. it needed some unpacking.

    but i agree, it’s really cool for Colbert to merge the seemingly disparate worlds together–political satire and religion.


  2. It was unfortunate that N.T. Wright was trying match Colbert’s humor, which didn’t quite work, but it was great that maybe he left a few people wanting to know more about what he was talking about. I’ll probably go get the book after hearing a snippet of it in his own words.


  3. Colbert for President…! I hope you both are well.


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