We picked up our first weekly community supported agriculture (CSA) share tonight.  We met a couple that lives around the corner from us, got acquainted with them (he’s a programmer … she works for LibraryThing.com), then went together to pick up a box-full of fresh, in-season, locally grown vegetables.  Fresh lettuce … radishes … turnips … strawberries … bok choy … fresh cilantro and basil — and that is just this week’s box.  Can’t wait until the ‘maters are in season.

When we found out about a group that was forming to have a CSA delivered to East Boston, we jumped on it.  It’s amazing on so many levels:

• Farmers get paid for their crops at the beginning of the season

• local foods are delivered to our urban neighborhood

• we’re connected in a greater way to the food that we eat and the farmers that produce them (instead of having our foods delivered to us from all over the planet)

• we’re connected in a greater way to our neighbors (we’re splitting a share with our new around-the-corner neighbors/friends)

• we’re eating healthy, mostly organic foods

Seems like a no-brainer to me.  CSAs exist in most major cities.  What if churches led the way in the local food movement by supporting local farmers and joining CSAs?


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  1. Posted by thepriesthood on June 18, 2008 at 4:45 am

    cool dat. i’ll look into it here in B’ham.


  2. We started with a CSA last year and it was, much more than I was expecting, a spiritual discipline (taking what we’re given and not having the option to worship the consumerist idol of choice; avoiding the utter abstraction from the producers of the food which causes us to mistreat our distant “neighbors”; being more in tune with the created rhythms our current distribution system defies.)

    But I wanted to respond to your last line — I’m currently reading “Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire” by Wiliam Cavanaugh. He’s from the upper Midwest and from the way he describes it apparently must not have experienced anything like this that *isn’t* church sponsored. In fact, the acronym he knows for CSA is “Church Supported Agriculture.”


  3. Big Mike – Wha?

    Beth – That’s really good to hear. Hasn’t been the case in regions where I’ve lived, but then again, there are lots of regions where I haven’t lived. =)

    And you’re exactly right about it being more than just an economical or environmental lifestyle change … things like this usually turn into more of a spiritual discipline than anything, if we’re open to it.

    The more “connected” lives we begin to lead in our communities (in food, etc), the more we begin to live as God intends. (does that answer your question, Big Mike?)


  4. Meh, why does being like Jesus sound so much like the radical hippy movement lately? The religious right is wrong, so let’s move to the religious left? How about supporting the struggling farmers who try to get their produce around the world so they can make a living?


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