Eastie religious news

… has been removed.  It came to my attention that my post could be construed as anti-Catholic, which I am not, but it is a line I definitely do not want to walk.


Can I just make a coupla blog recommendations?

Priest is blogging again, thank goodness.  Love his outlook.

– I continue to really like Revolution in Jesusland, which explores the shifts going on in Evangelical Christianity. Speaking of which, did you catch Mike Huckabee’s statements about Jeremiah Wright’s (Obama’s pastor) rantings from the pulpit?  Profound indeed.

– You a traveler?  I love the tips and destination info given at The Traveler’s Notebook, a new blog for travelers and travel journalists.  (I’ve written a few pieces for them, which you can find here and here)

– Gotta shout to my boy Miller.  The video he recently posted titled “Ser Paz” is amazing, and worth the 9 minutes it would take to watch it.

Justin echoes some of our own struggles with “not going to church.”

– Listen to this Bill McKibben speech.  I am currently working through Deep Economy, which is a fascinating and prophetic book.  McKibben, a devout Christian, brings to a wider audience the good news that we don’t have to live divided from one another, that our economies can truly help all people, and that God’s creation is something to be shared and protected.  Hopefully, I’ll be hearing McKibben speak at the Down2Earth Conference this weekend in Boston.

– Finally, here’s a question for you all: What is a story — about a person, a trend, an idea, a place, whatever — that you wish some freelance journalist would pick up and write?  You’ve probably said the following at some point in the last 6 months: “Why don’t the newspapers and magazines pick up this story?  This is a great story!”  OK, here’s your chance to tell the “newspapers and magazines” (sort of…) what to write.

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  1. I would like to see more journalists picking up on the trend that is the death of the suburbs. I saw something in the atlantic monthly about it recently, and it struck me, because it kinda pulled together a whole bunch of trends I’ve been noticing, but hadn’t put together as a whole. Malls are out, lifestyle centers are in. New Urban developments are the most anticipated developments happening right now… and many of them are even popping up in the suburbs, many people of my generation aspire to living an urban lifestyle, and regentrification still goes strong even with the crisis in the housing market.

    Also, its interesting that the government essentially subsidized suburbs through the federal reserve and artificially low interest rates which made building sprawling suburban neighborhoods possible… and now that overbuilding has reached a peak, and gas prices continue to rise, those affluent suburbs and especially the exurbs, are in danger of becoming the new “ghettos” if you will.


  2. Posted by Dad on March 27, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    I think a great story (book?) would be the assent of Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys. There have been so many neat things that have happened to the group over the past few years that ought to be told. Like their latest adventure when a lady in a Hummer virtually wiped out their van.


  3. Posted by smhjr on March 28, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Justin – That’s actually a great story idea. I read the Atlantic article as well ( I think I posted something about it here, actually…), and it was startling to consider.

    Dad – =)


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