planet earth

Has anyone else caught the Planet Earth series, either on BBC or the Discovery Channel? (I think it’s currently airing on the DC every Sunday night at 8 pm EST) We’re working our way through the 14-part series on DVD (from the library), and after watching the first two installments, I have to echo the critics in saying that this series is truly monumental and beautiful. You’ll see and appreciate the Earth in ways you never thought possible, thanks to 40 cameramen with never-before-used technology in over 200 locations around the world. This is as close to a “God’s-eye view” of the planet as we’ve ever had. You’ll marvel at his handiwork.


Yesterday, we cracked open for the first time an anonymous gift we got this past Holiday season: The Bible Experience. It’s a complete mp3 audio Bible read by African-American clergy, musicians, and actors — including Denzel, Cuba, Samuel L., LL, Forest, Angela Bassett, and more — and backed up by a Hollywood-produced soundtrack. This is anything but the cheesy Bible-on-CDs you’ve heard in the past … the producers and readers took special care to make sure this was a project from the heart, and after listening to the first 7 chapters of Matthew last night, I can say that this is an achievement of monumental proportions and will be a valuable aid to many people’s devotional lives.

Where else can you hear Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jonah AND Judas? (gives new meaning to “show me the money!”) Or Samuel L. “Snakes on a Plane” Jackson reading the voice of God in the New Testament? Sinbad as an Angel in the Book of Daniel? Judge Mathis as Solomon? (seriously!) Blair Underwood reading Jesus’ lines? LaVar Burton as John? Kirk Franklin as Paul? Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, reading Song of Solomon?

Yeah, it’s good stuff. =)

Ben Witherington had a good review of TBE back in December, which is worth a read.  You can listen to sample passages by clicking on the link above.

(and if our anonymous giver is reading this, thanks!)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Stace and I are working our way through the Planet Earth series via Netflix. We just finished disc 2. Amazing stuff. Though Stace had a hard time getting through the cave episode. Guano everywhere.


  2. we have got to get our hands on the Song of Songs reading!

    question, how did you get the little avatar photos in the comments?

    also, did you know that is blocked in China?


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