the one day I wish I had a car

(by Chrissy)

It’s really not about the car.

One of our single mom neighbors approached me this week asking if I could find a pumpkin patch to take her and her two preschool aged kids to.

In my spare time this week, I searched for a place that was accessible by public transportation. (Neither of us have cars.)

All she wanted was for her children to experience a hay ride and jump into a pile of leaves. The children had never had these experiences. I’m not sure the mom has had these experiences.

It made me think of all the wonderful memories I have of jumping into leaves, drinking a warm cup of cider, eating a cider donut or caramel apple.

Some of these memories took me back to my childhood, some to a few weeks ago.

Why have I had all of these experiences, so simple, but joyful, while this single mother has never been able to take her children?

I wanted to blame it on the fact that they we don’t have a car – problem would have been solved.

But it’s really not about the car.

How many other barriers exist in this mom’s life that keeps her from living like many others?

Would a husband bring a balance to this family that would keep her son from asking why he doesn’t have his daddy with him?

Would a few extra dollars help fix the flat tire on her stroller so she doesn’t have to strain her back every time she walks to the grocery store?

It’s a struggle for me not to want to fix some things that seem simple – to be their savior. But I can’t fix everything. I can’t even find a car to take them to a pumpkin patch.

I’m glad it’s not all about me. That there’s a God always present with this precious family. Even when she cries out to him, asking him to fix her problems, and nothing seems to change. He’s working it out. I hope.

UPDATE: I wrote this post this morning.  When I saw my neighbor today, I prayed that we could find a car and go to a pumpkin patch today.  My prayer was answered.  We spent the last 3 hours – the five of us – laughing on a hayride, picking up leaves, feeding animals, and sipping cider with cider donuts.  This mother is smiling.  My heart is smiling.  Thank you, Lord, for working in this small way today.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by wallace on October 28, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    chrissy, so glad you shared this story. I love reading what you and Steve share. much love to you guys!


  2. Posted by priest on October 28, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    sweet stuph. rock on.


  3. Posted by Lynn Holt on October 29, 2007 at 8:29 am

    What a sweet story from a precious young lady!!


  4. Posted by Carol Fowler on October 30, 2007 at 4:38 pm


    I love this story for alot since I grew up in Michigan and went to Yates Cider Mill just about every fall to drink freshly made apple cider,eating those donuts, and looking at all the many beautiful, trees changing colors.
    What I love the most about your story is the evidence of God’s great love and caring. I love the way He cares that this little family experience something that seems not so significant to some, but enough that he heard your prayer and said ” a car is not a hard thing for me, I can and will work that out “. I love stories like yours that remind me of God’s great love and compassion in every detail of our lives.He cares about the big things, but the small things do not go unnoticed and we can petition Him with those things as well. It reminds me how really big He is. I am thankful and will pray for you as you are being God’s representative to those around you that He will pour out His Spirit on you and empower you in every way.


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