Attention Music Lovers: Allow me to point you to two very important links.

Link #1: http://acl.mp3.com/feature/soundandjury/?band=HOMER-HICCOLM-AND-THE-ROCKETBOYS

If you click on the link above, you will have the opportunity (dare-I-say, “privilege”) of voting for my dear brother’s band in a contest to play at the world-famous Austin City Limits festival. Homer Hiccolm & the Rocketboys have made it to Round 3 of the contest, thanks in part to many of your votes.  But they have through Thursday, August 30, to be in the top 5 vote-getting bands, after which they’ll perform for live judges in Austin!  So, your job is pretty simple if you ask me: Vote once per day per e-mail today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  I thank you.  Homer Hiccolm thanks you.  God is watching.

Link #2: http://www.myspace.com/rocketboys

Even if you’re not a “mySpacer,” you’ll want to click over to Homer Hiccolm’s page and check out the creative and hilarious short videos they are posting each day this week through Thursday.  Each video features a different member of the band, a Broadway-esque song-and-dance routine (seriously!), and a shameless plea to vote for them in the ACL contest.  I’m so convinced you’ll enjoy these videos, that if you don’t, I’ll refund 100% of the time it took you to click over and watch them.  That’s my promise to you, my faithful readers.


It occurs to me that many of you don’t know that come Friday evening, we’ll be on a plane to Tanzania, Africa, for 2 weeks!  We’ll be visiting our good friends in Moshi who have been searching out God activity in TZ for over a year now.  This is both of our first time in Africa, an adventure I lovingly call, “Operation: Diarrhea Avoidance.”

Needless to say, WiFi and hi-speed access are sparse around Africa, so I’m sure my blogging frequency over the next 2 weeks will follow suit. But I’ll be sure to check in if I can with a “we got here safely,” “I’m sick as a dog,” or a photo or two (not of the latter).

Prayers are, of course, appreciated.

(now, go vote!)


4 responses to this post.

  1. I have nearly peed myself with each new video. Of course, I think knowing the guys in the band makes it funnier, since you know they are pretty much like that in real life.


  2. Diarrhea “Avoidance”? Not a chance. More like, “Diarrhea Management.”


  3. The sickest i ever was in my whole life was in Uganda, which is right next door to Tanzania. Ask Houston, he was there… i don’t remember much.


  4. Posted by Lynn Holt on August 31, 2007 at 11:55 am

    Thanks for your encouraging words, commenters. I’m praying that Stephen and Chrissy escape all the sickness and only have days full of adventure, inspiration, and feeling great.

    Godspeed, kids.


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