I’ve blogged about “missional” before (here, here, and here, for instance) on this blog, and in the last few years or so the word “missional” is everywhere in church conversations. Frankly, I’m a tad sick of it, to be honest. What church would ever admit “not being missional” anyway?

Well, I like lists, and blogger Adam has given us a list of some possible characteristics of “missional.” I like lists because you can easily add and subtract bullets from them. But no subtracting here … I like all of Adams points:

He says being “missional” includes:

  • no longer seeing the things I do as either spiritual or physical. We don’t live in two realms. Christ is King over everything and every aspect of our lives!
  • being intentional about finding and developing relationship with “not yet Christians.”
  • inviting people to partake in a kingdom life – and not the “life of the church.”
  • removing any and all obstacles that would impede someone from hearing the clear message of “the kingdom is at hand.”
  • preaching Christ only – the resurrected Lord.
  • beginning to understand that all followers of Jesus have in effect “entered the ministry.” We are all full time disciples of Jesus – yes, even if you didn’t go to seminary, and aren’t a paid minister. We are all missionaries.
  • inviting your neighbors over for dinner or play – spending time with them.
  • being friends with non-Christians – even knowing that they may never come to faith in Jesus.
  • seeing Christ as the perfect example of what it means to live in our world, and defining your life by this fact.
  • finding yourself increasingly uncomfortable with the “status quo” of religion.
  • “seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness” and acknowledging and participating when you see that kingdom breaking into the world.
  • understanding that mission isn’t a program, but God allowing us to join him on HIS MISSION!

3 responses to this post.

  1. For anyone who’s interested, Ed Stetzer (a smart guy) is starting a series over at his blog working toward a definition of “missional.”

    Here’s the link.

    You know what, though? I’m ready for us to cut through the jargon and insider language to begin to truly live as the called-out community of God.


  2. Steve,

    i have to agree with you… i’m really tired of the jargon and insider language. as soon as a word becomes jargonized its meaning is lost.

    so much of this list is not only insider language but its insider insider language!

    as the templar in kingdom of heaven said “holiness is in right action”

    talking about it means squat.



  3. Steve,
    I agree with the “meaning” behind your post. I would disagree that “talking about it means squat” though. In my own journey it helps to put words to what I am feeling God is calling me too. Like you, I HATE insider language – and I definitely don’t want to be known for using “insider insider” language. But again, the exchange of ideas amongst people with a common vision proves helpful to me. I too am tired of the talk and am seeking to authentically live out God’s mission – I pray this is true for all of us that choose to “type things on the internet” for others to read.


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