Do you have a relationship or two that never fails to encourage … edify … satisfy?

That’s how I feel about my friendship with Tyler Priest, who was with us for about 44 hours this past weekend (Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon). I met Tyler in the basement of the Brown Library at ACU at the beginning of my second year of seminary. I was conducting random interviews on people’s thoughts on the definition of “missions,” and that ended up being my first conversation with The Priest.

Since then, he’s been a friend who has never failed to encourage me in my walk as a disciple of Jesus. It seems like 90% of the time, our conversations center around some aspect of the expansive kingdom of God — how we see it manifested in our lives, ways it is breaking in around the world, and where it might be taking each of us.

Tyler’s time in Boston was a kingdom-saturated 44 hours, filled with deep conversations about the New Perspective on Paul, stories of God’s working through his people, and the great theological task of throwing the football with the neighborhood kids. This post isn’t meant to puff up or embarrass Tyler in any way, but to serve as an encouragement to our readers to ask God to provide similar “kingdom-centered friendships,” if you don’t already have them. We need each other, folks.

Tell me about a person in your life with whom you share a “kingdom-centered friendship.”


Coming later this week: “Toward a Theology of Work/Vocation” … stay tuned!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve always wanted to meet that guy. I know he’s around here somewhere.


  2. My friend, Ryan, who will be my best man in my upcoming wedding, is that friend to me. In seminary, we would go to Dunkin Donuts (Dunka Do) every Saturday morning for a few hours and talk theology, ministry, politics, sports and so on (not necessarily in that order). Those times were instrumental in turning me into more of a “why not?” ministry guy. I swear, we must have solved all the church’s problems in those Saturday mornings. We opened hospitals, planted churches, trained missionaries, fed the poor. If I’ve ever had a “kingdom-centered friendship”, this is it.


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