crazy month … weekend away

May has been somewhat of an involuntary blogging sabbath for me. It has literally been one of the craziest months ever. From Mitch’s graduation from ACU in Abilene to his arrival in Boston for the month … to a weekend with almost all the in-laws in Boston for Chrissy’s graduation last weekend … throw in the absolute most insane month of the year for me at work, plus Chrissy’s summer classes…

One can see where being profound on a blog day in and day out would drop fairly rapidly on the list of priorities.

Well, we’re in desparate need of some R & R, which we’ll hopefully get this weekend … well, sorta.

We’re headed to a bed and breakfast just outside of Burlington, Vermont, for the long Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday, however, I’ll be running the Vermont City Marathon, the culmination of almost a year of base training and five months of more intense running, complete with 10-to-22-mile runs on the weekend, interval runs on the track during the week, and between 40 and 60 miles of total mileage per week. Oh, and I’ve been eating like Pavarotti in a pool of pudding.

This isn’t my first marathon (I ran the Memphis Marathon in 2003), but I’m ready to see the work pay off on Sunday morning.

me running.jpgSome of you are thinking, “I didn’t know Steve was a runner.” Well, that’s because I don’t blog about it a whole lot. Only those we know personally know of my love of running, one that I’ve had since cross country days in high school. It’s an intensely personal hobby for me, as I actually prefer to strike out on my own than run with a pack of other people (this is quite different than most long-distance runners, I’m told). I tend to think deeply when I’m out running, even coming up with future reflection topics for blogs or other writings. Running is, for me, a spiritual discipline, a time of intentional daily sabbath.

So this is a big weekend for me, though I know marathons don’t carry the same significance to everyone.

n54603344_31007459_4718.jpgIt’s also a big weekend because Chrissy and I will celebrate the completion of our third year of marriage, hopefully the equivalent of mile 1 of a 26.2-mile race. There have been cramps, there have been water stops, and even a few stretching breaks, but neither of us has even once considered dropping out of the race. It truly is a joy to be on this journey with such a faithful, grace-extending, beautiful woman.

(who will, incidentally, be cheering me along when I want to quit at miles 18, 19, 24, 25 on Sunday)


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  1. Posted by Pam on May 25, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    yay steve and chrissy! you guys have a beautiful marriage, and I’m sure it’s just going to keep getting better from here… Have an excellent time together this weekend!


  2. Chrissy’s not the only one cheering you on. We’ve been praying for you all month and know you will honor God in this marathon as you do in every aspect of your life.

    You two were meant for each other. Hope you have many, many more happy years together.



  3. Posted by pk on May 25, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    You go, bro! You and yours are loved, respected and treasured. (Bear this in mind at mile marker 24)


  4. Hey Steve-

    I looked up your results and it looks like you had a great race. I can’t wait to hear (i.e. read) all about it. Congrats on all of your hard work for the race and even more for having such a great and Godly marriage!


  5. odds off final four…

    opus persistent minimizing …


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