life is indeed short

Check this out:


Thankfully, this Chicago billboard was taken down by the city this week. As my friend Houston said, this might be the equavalent of “Got Milk?” for the relationally challenged.

But what does it reveal about the way we (humans) are?


PH2007050902804.jpgIn other news, a fight broke out last night in the balcony of Boston’s Symphony Hall at the opening night of the Boston Pops, a show which featured Ben Folds. Apparently, one man began to heckle another man a few rows down, who he perceived to be a fan of the New York Philharmonic, the Pops’ bitter rival. The NY fan, disgruntled because his orchestra can’t seem to put things together in 2007, shot back with an expletive-laced comment about how the Boston’s orchestra relies too heavily on its “power-packed woodwind section” and its high-priced cellist from Japan, and it was on. Hair was pulled. Shirts came off. Girlfriends were embarassed.

Luckily, before anyone fell out of the mezzanine level, the “Boston Cops” were called and both men were ejected …. from … the … concert hall. (never thought I’d ever type that combination of words) Historians are already calling this the “Symphony Brawl of 2007,” an event that will go down in NY-Boston rivalry history.


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  1. It is funny, in a sad way, that the billboard seems to say, “Hey if you get a divorce you can have access to all the breasts, tight abs, big pecks and whatever other body parts suit your fancy.” But I doubt the reality of divorce is like that. I am not divorced nor have I experienced a divorce personally. I just think that the billboard makes divorces look fun and from what I can tell they are anything but fun. I guess pictures of crying and broken men, women, and children wouldn’t get as many phone calls.


  2. “big pecks”

    I’m going to assume this was unintentional. =)

    “I guess pictures of crying and broken men, women, and children wouldn’t get as many phone calls.”

    I’m not sure it’s fair to restrict this criticism to divorce, though. Let’s compare it with another human activity … say … going to church. Most of the time, church falls short of the spiritually sexy experience that it advertises itself as providing. Sometimes church produces crying and broken men, women and children.

    So really, I don’t see this billboard as worse than any other advertising I’ve recently been subjected to … which is to say it’s pretty disgusting. If the billboard says anything about human beings, it’s that we’re suckers for advertising, particularly when the ads contain big boobs. Or pecs.


  3. Good point about church, Matthew. From my experience, for those on the “inside” in a particular congregation, church experience is relationally satisfying (if not spiritually so). But for those on the fringes, or for those who can’t get in because they don’t fit the “membership profile,” it is indeed a lonely place. It’s sad the the “crying, broken men, women and children” often are the ones who don’t measure up to the membership profile.


  4. yeah yeah, I guess after all this education I have never had to spell the word pec before. Thanks for pointing that out. I have increased my vocab today.

    While most ads are aiming sex appeal, I guess I am saddened to see the low value this “piece of art” places on relationships. Sure its catchy and they are getting tons of calls, but if life just about finding the right pair of “chest pieces” to bring comfort then it is a life I don’t really want to be a part of.


  5. Posted by Mandy on May 10, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Both of those stories and images are just so ridiculous I can’t even stand it. Geeks of the world unite…to argue over whose orchestra is better. “My conductor could beat up your conductor.” LOL


  6. I heard that the men were actually really drunk and thought they were at a Yankees-Red Sox game. Oh New England.

    Honest question, can a symphony have a bitter rival? How do they fights? I hope it’s dueling banjos.


  7. i can guar-ohn-tee you one thing…

    Texans would never fight over who’s symphony was better

    but we’ll take your ass down or go down trying over a high-school football or little league baseball rivalry!

    thats the difference between Texans and yankees, we wait for a good reason to fight!



  8. Posted by Steve on May 10, 2007 at 11:20 am

    Maybe now would be a good time to chime in that I added a considerable amount of … um … “creative license” to this report. My intention was to parody the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry and make it about symphonies.

    I’m not sure they know exactly why the guys started fighting, but that part is true.

    Sorry for the confusion. =)


  9. in that case I’ll resort to the “Guy-who-takes-symphony-WAAY-to-seriously versus the Guy-who-was-trying-to-impress-a-girl-but-hates-the-symphony” theory.


  10. That was one crazy billboard. I guess the message is that sex sells, but what an absurd way to try to promote a divorce attorney. Although I suppose that is no worse than promoting divorce itself.


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