intriguing keyword searches that lead to

Pantry Challenge 2007 is officially over, and we “won.” Ironically, of course, the “winners” are the ones with the most food… Anyway, you can read an interview (and see photos) of our reflections over on the blog of Will Samson, the Challenge organizer, over here. We have since picked up a few odds and ends from the grocery store, but we haven’t made a “big trip” yet. We may not need to. We’ll see.

Others have done this better and more often, so I’m not claiming originality here. But I had to share some of the keyword combinations that Web surfers entered that led them here. I’ll simply list some of the better ones and let each person draw whatever conclusion/s they wish:

little girls red sox

king of the hill goes to church

is man a dicotomy or tricotomy

katie couric with glasses

cofc bumper stickers



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