single mom … bar graph … sharing food

From Wednesday’s Boston Globe: Single Mothers Need $58K to Make it in Mass.



This chart measures the U.S. population growth against church membership since 1980. Hmmmmm…… (HT: Fred Peatross)



About the middle of this past week, I was thinking, “This Pantry Challenge better be over soon because I’m not sure how much more I can take…”  Friday, our friend Pam came over with a small bag of groceries that she had been given by some friends going out of town for an extended period of time (and who needed to use up the stuff in their pantry).  It was basically two loaves of bread, hamburger buns, eggs, apples, and oranges.  I’m not sure if that’s “legal” in PC07 rules, but we accepted the offering graciously and humbly.

Chrissy commented that maybe we’re beginning to see what this whole thing is about … that the Pantry Challenge isn’t about some short-term contest, but about a sustainable way of life.  In other words, how can we begin to stretch out our food from now on, even after the contest is over?  How can we experience deeper levels of community as we begin to share resources (including food) with our friends and neighbors?  And what the heck is so “Christian” about this line of thinking?

Anyway, we’ve got the next few days’ meals planned out, but after that — who knows.  I think we’re learning some important lessons about living, though.

[related note: it looks like we may now be the only ones in the contest.  Sherri dropped out today, and has some great reflections on what this experience meant to her.  I’ll await official word from Will — who has the final call on the official “winners” — but my vote is for one of the families with kids that made it pretty far.  Kid-less people can tough it out and make due, but you folks with children deserve a medal for putting up with the inevitable complaints like “PB&J again?” or “I hate oatmeal!” (that last complaint was heard around our household more than once…).  Anyway, we won’t go to the store until we hear for sure that the contest is over … I’ll keep ya posted]


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