ode to omelette

Our most creative Pantry Challenge innovation thus far? Boxed Mac & Cheese with hot dogs chopped up, with a side of green beans. Now there’s a nice round meal for ya. We devoured it.

I have to say, though, my favorite discovery so far has been the omelette. The omelette and I were acquaintances before, but today we stand as lifelong friends &emdash; “bosom buddies,” if you will &emdash; thanks to two amazing omelette creations during this challenge. Last night was one for the books. After I got back from a hard workout (Chrissy was still in class), I made designed one using some of the remaining ground Italian sausage, lots of cheese (yes, the cheese remains), chopped peppers and tomatoes, and a little bit of love. Out came perfection. It was probably a foot long and 4″ deep of gooey goodness. It was massive and totally hit the spot. (it looked kind of like the one pictured here, assuming the plate in the photo is 2 feet in diameter)

Is trash-talking allowed in Pantry Challenge? Oh, it is? Well, I feel like we have an unfair advantage, because we have just enough of our “poor college student survival skills” that haven’t rusted. I’m thinking we could be in this thing for quite a while longer, so if any of our fine opponents (three at this point, but they’re dropping like my beta carotene intake…) would like to bow out gracefully and pay a visit to their neighborhood grocer, now might be a good time. 😉


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