on God

German atheist philosopher Ludwig Fuerbach (1804-1872) said that God did not create man in His image, but man created God in his image.

That statement has just enough truth in it to sting, doesn’t it? Obviously humanity (the creation) did not literally create God. And Christians believe, of course, that humanity is in fact created in God’s image. But so many humans imagine God as they would like him to be rather than how He really is (not that any of us really know for sure…).

I hate fags, so God hates fags
I am a feminist, so God is obviously a woman…
I am a chauvinist, so God suppresses women…
I am angry and insecure … God is wrathful …
I seek after earthly riches, so God promises “health and wealth”…
I live in America, so God clearly favors this nation…

The list goes on and on and on, as far as human sin and misplaced identity can reach.

I heard Randy Harris talk on this subject a while back, however, and he had this to say: The best cure for humans who create God in their image is solitude. Go be alone with the Almighty. Ask him to tear down the false images you have built of him in your mind and heart. Listen for his voice, His leading. In times like this, the only thing worse than God seemingly doing nothing is God doing something.

How have you shaped God into your likeness?


PantRy Challenge: Day Ocho (see that “R”, Miller??)

We’re still very much in this thing. According to Willz, the challenge organizer, we’re one of three households still in it. To catch you up, we’re seeing how long we can survive on just the food we currently have in our pantry (which also includes the refrigerator and freezer). We’re doing this for personal, social, and spiritual reasons.

We haven’t even touched the frozen meat in the freezer. Tonight, we’re making a “pantry special,” a rice creation with this homemade salsa seasoning mix and chopped veggies and chicken. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be our first “made-up” meal. Not bad for 8 days in. Could we go the rest of 2007 eating only from what we have in our pantry/fridge/freezer? Time will tell.

The last day or so we’ve eaten our leftovers from Sunday evening’s Italian dinner out. I had gnocchi, a type of pasta made with potato and rolled into little ovals, which was topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella. Chrissy had a pasta dish with chicken, greens, and a white sauce. Both were enough for more than one meal, which has served us well đŸ™‚


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