things we’re excited about

  1. Visiting our friends Travis & Cara in Tanzania in September. It’s official: we booked our flight this week. We can’t tell you how great it feels to have that on the calendar. It was a plan since we were all finishing up back in Abilene, and almost a year later, it’s going to be a reality. Praise God.
  2. The “Maverick Meeting House” &emdash; basically a community center &emdash; is built and open across the street from our townhouse. The center has several multi-purpose rooms, a full-service kitchen, management and tenants’ association offices, and a computer lab. The neighborhood association will be offering ongoing computer classes of various types to anyone interested, and we have volunteered to help out as teachers. (we don’t know if they want us yet … but heck, we’re available)
  3. Steve’s brother, Mitch, and friend Jason are coming up to Boston for their Spring Break in March. Mitch is taking a break from the rigors of his last semester of college, a promising journalism career, and a really promising musical venture, to grace us with his presence. Biggest Boston arrival since Dice-K.
  4. The same week Mitch & Jason head north, Chrissy will head south — to sunny Puerto Rico. No, she turned down the MTV Spring Break hostess offer this year… But she is taking an international business class in PR and staying for a week at an ocean-front resort in Old San Juan. Not too shabby. She’ll be back in time to spend the weekend with her bro-in-law, though, and she should look nice and colorful next to us pasty white end-of-winter New Englanders.
  5. Steve racing the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington on May 27. He’s been putting in the miles all fall, and now the intensive training mileage begins. We think we’ll make it a “romantic getaway” as well, taking advantage of the long Memorial Day / anniversary weekend at a bed and breakfast or something. Side note: I (Steve) have had thoughts about starting a blog that only deals with running and the lessons I am learning through that passion of mine (shocker — the idea came to me on a run). It would mostly be an outlet for my reflections while training, racing, or reading about running, but I am curious: Is there even one reader out there who thinks this idea sounds interesting? Be honest.
  6. Dough East Boston. Great new neighborhood pizza/sandwich shop literally 400 feet from our front porch. The guys who run it are young, friendly, and really excited about the food they are making. They’re always trying things out themselves first, then introducing it as a “special” the next day in the store: like the Bronco Burger, a marinated patty of hamburger topped with onion rings, mozzarella cheese, and barbecue sauce, all on a whole wheat bun. Boy howdy, that’s a good sandwich! And their pizzas are incredible too … like their buffalo chicken pizza with bleu cheese … We eat at Dough way too much.
  7. The things God is showing us regarding how we can better follow Him as individuals and as a couple. Radical simplicity. Radical hospitality. Radical community. Unyielding love. Participatory mission and ministry. We’re not sure how all this looks at this point, but we feel like Aslan is definitely on the move… Stay tuned… (and pray!)

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