Pantry Challenge 2007

Today begins Pantry Challenge 2007 for the Holts. (go read about it at the link, then come back)canned peas.jpg

We’re doing it for several reasons, many of which are listed on the site of the guy that created it. It will be a discipline in consumption, in self-control. Through it, we hope to identify more with the growing lower class in America for whom creativity at dinnertime is a reality every night (not just when a $20 Amazon gift certificate is on the line … not that that’s why we’re doing it).

Last night it was leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner — hot dog stew. I put cheese on it, but not too much — need to conserve the cheese as long as possible. I put it in my “main staples” category.

We’ll report back with updates throughout the Challenge. It should be fun, and our creativity and thrift should blossom as the weeks wane on.


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