this is the day

601229_84040116.jpgGeorge Barna has just released a new study on the surge on house churches in America — including the level of satisfaction among adherents, who are the participants, the nature of their gatherings, and their relationship to the church at large — which you can read here. This is becoming a movement, it seems, that the Christian world at large can no longer ignore. Quietly, many people seem to be finding their deepest levels of intimacy with God and neighbor occurring in these simple communities. This has certainly been our experience.

Here are a few good house church links off the top of my melon:

“House Churches Have No Sex Appeal,” by Andrew Jones (TallSkinnyKiwi)

House Church Blog

House Church Chronicles

House 2 House Magazine

There are others listed on the links page.

With temperatures in the East soaring above average highs for most of the winter, there’s a common conversation I keep hearing around Boston:

“How ’bout this weather? Amazing, huh?”

“Yeah, but just wait. Winter’s coming.”

It’s probably just years of experience with New England winters talking, but I think there’s a little bit of human nature in there as well. You know, the tendency to look past today’s fortune or beauty to tomorrow’s impending misfortune. We all fall into this trap … even (maybe especially) Christians.

In God’s world, though, we really only have today. That doesn’t mean we don’t plan for the future at all, and yet to some extent, it does mean that we don’t worry about tomorrow. So whether El Niño has caused tulips to grow in the dead of winter, or whether today is rainy / snowy / sleety / scorchy … join me in taking to heart Psalm 118:24:

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”



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