a bachelor’s life

I’m living the bachelor’s life until Monday with Chrissy still visiting her parents in Austin. We were there together for New Year’s from Friday until this past Monday, but I had to be back in Boston for work on Tuesday.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been alone while the wife away for an extended period. A funny thing always happens, though: No matter how confident I am about my “survival skills” going into the wife-less week, it takes only a day or so for me to snap back into reality. Both the reality that I deeply love my wife’s company, and that I appreciate all she does around our house. [I’d like to think I do a lot, too, but these wife-less times often tell a different story…]

Last night, I bought some bachelor food at Walgreen’s: cereal (forgot to buy the milk, though … crap), Campbell’s tortilla soup, a box of shells & cheese (a must-have), a $1 box of assorted oatmeal packets, and ham. I’m not sure what I’m going to use the ham for (maybe put it in the shells & cheese?), but I figured I’d use it somehow. I’m also not sure how good Walgreen’s ham is, but we’ll see, won’t we?! Luckily, our friends Matt & Pam reached out to me last night and had me over for a tasty casserole, so I didn’t have to try my hand at actually making something for dinner.

But food’s just one reality check, albeit an important one. Perhaps the saddest time is climbing into bed without another human — preferrably my wife 🙂 — in it. Sure, there’s Damon, but he’s not the same. Frankly, it’s a time I try to delay as long as possible, surfing the Web or catching the 11 o’clock news for a while. For some reason, though, when I finally climb into bed, I can’t help but sleep only on my side of the bed, even though I now have the whole bed. I’m sure there’s some deep metaphor there, but I’m not touching it…

Monday, it’ll be back to normal. Back to deep conversations and side-splitting jokes in the evening. Back to cooking and sleeping together. Damon’s keeping your side warm, babe!


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