survival mode


I believe that “survival mode” for humans is a part of the Fall, and counter to God’s intentions for His people.

What I mean is this: Humans sort of default to a lifestyle that simply “tries to survive.” We believe our productivity each day is a direct contributor to our survival as people. Intentionally engaging in relationships stymies this productivity, so we often do not seek meaningful relationships with others. Humans often live “just to get by.”

God’s plan is quite different. He made us to be in relationship. He made us with value as His children, not to be determined by our productivity or pace. Life in Him holds security beyond anything we could ever fabricate ourselves. God didn’t make us to “just get by” &emdash; he created us to experience “life to the full.”

I’ve been thinking about this because I feel as if I’m slipping into “survival mode.” Relationships are harder and harder to come by. Pace of life is more frantic than ever. I frequently place my security in things other than my Creator, the Source of all things.


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