gobble gobble

Well, we’re about done for the day stuffing our faces. A few reflections on Thanksgiving 2006:

&emdash; Both sides of the family ate around the same table (well, one full-sized dining room table and a card table…Chrissy’s got a big family!). I was reminded again how blessed we are to have families that not only get along, but actually enjoy spending time together! After talking to other married couples, we consider this to be a luxury.

&emdash; My dad had some great words before we ate this afternoon. He said that most everyone is keen on the concept of “thanksgiving” around this time of year, but few actually mention whom we are thanking. You hear people mentioning what they are thankful for, but don’t “thanks” necessitate a receiver of those thanks? To whom (or what) are people thankful, if not God?

&emdash; I go into the Thanksgiving meal with a plan, which is simple: Eat at least two full plates of food before my body realizes it’s full and can relay that message to my brain. Food is indeed a joyous part of life. We could have been created to refuel in some mundane manner, like soaking up sunlight or injecting liquids. But instead, God created such a diverse cornucopia of foods, that — combined with God-given human ingenuity — come out tasting incredible. So on this “food day” of all food days, here’s to God for creating food!

&emdash; And finally, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate that first Thanksgiving, and specifically those exciting and perfect early days of the “New World,” America. A land begun in a spirit of peace, cooperation, and a truly humble frontier spirit. Where Indians welcomed Pilgrims with open arms, sharing farming and hunting secrets, willingly giving them some of their land, and soaking up the Pilgrims’ Christian faith to become a more civilized people. It certainly was a peaceful, storybook beginning, worthy of a huge Indian-Pilgrim pot-luck meal. At least that’s what I was taught. 🙂

That’s all on this Thanksgiving, Americans’ favorite holiday. Up next is Americans’ next favorite holiday, Black Friday.

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