View the continued conversation with Drunkentune and Soulster (two of the posters in this dialogue a few months ago) at the site The blog is an Atheist/Christian dialogue, but admittedly not for the timid, or stock answers.


Here’s a question that has [not really] kept me up at night:

Was Jesus rich?

Using this theology, Kelly can now buy the Bentley she’s always wanted.


We watched a great movie Sunday night called Akeelah and the Bee. It was kind of Rudy meets Karate Kid meets Spellbound. It’s one of those films you would likely walk past in Blockbuster, but don’t. It’s inspirational, meaningful, triumphant, and funny in so many ways.


One more thing … yesterday, Chrissy and I were walking downtown and wandered upon a political rally at the State House. We certainly weren’t there on purpose, but we found ourselves standing with a crowd of homosexual activists. Across from us were a bunch of proponents of “traditional marriage” yelling things like “Wait till you face God!” over our way. I definitely felt more comfortable standing where we were. I snapped quite a few photos, which you can see here.

(this rally was case-in-point why Houston was exactly right in the comments of the last post: Our democracy often awards those who yell the loudest.)

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