preaching/living Jesus

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Jesus is controversial. His birth was not safe. Mystery and controversy shrouded the earliest days of his life. His entire existence ran counter to the power structures of his day, and it continues to do the same today. His way is so radically different from the way of mainstream humanity. His death is perhaps the most well-known event in history, whether or not people live by its principles (or believe its truth). And, of course, the event that occured three mornings later destroyed the dark powers opposing Jesus and solidified the hope of all who call on His name. The way of Jesus found in the gospels remains the most radical, counter-cultural, best way to live that I know. But as Kierkegaard said, “It is not safe to be alone with the New Testament.”

This is why it is no surprise to me when those who preach and live the way of Jesus above all other things — traditions, scholarship, or anything else — are opposed. We know they are opposed by the forces of darkness. But Jesus himself said that those who followed His way and promoted this different kingdom would be opposed by humans, and often times most rabidly by fellow “Christians.” I wonder if Jesus had in his mind the religious people when he made these kinds of statements …


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