rainy saturday night

Steve_and_Chrissy.jpgIt poured all day in Boston. We lay around the house most of the day, watched a movie in the early evening, then found ourselves without much to do after that.

So we pulled out our wedding DVD.

It turned into one of the most enjoyable evenings in recent memory. We laughed at our wedding day quirkiness. We teared up a little bit at seeing Chrissy’s grandmother, Mose, who passed away earlier this year. We were filled with joy recalling the events of our reception â&emdash; the original rap song performed by Chrissy’s triplet siblings, the special dances with our parents, cutting rug to oldies, and the toasts from the best man and maid of honor, among many other things. So many amazing people â&emdash; many of whom were instrumental in our coming together to begin with â&emdash; were present. It was such a special day.

But most of all, watching the wedding DVD tonight was powerful in that it reminded both of us of our wedding vows and gave us an opportunity to recommit to those vows. We promised that day that no matter what our physical condition, we would stay together. My dad, who served us as the officiant that day, quoted these poignant words from Landon Saunders during his words to us:

Marriage means a man and a woman looking deeply into each other’s eyes and saying, ‘I will never leave you. Others may come and go in your life but I never will. If you wrinkle, I will love you. If you fail, I will stay with you. If you get sick, I’ll feed you, bathe you, sit up with you&emdash;anything&emdash; except leave you. I will never leave you.’

After our vows and ring exchange, my dad actually had those in attendance stand and say, in unison, “We pronounce you husband and wife.” It was so powerful to have our community of friends and family legitimize our marriage in that way.

So tonight, as we walked the dog arm-in-arm after the DVD ended, I quietly recommitted my life and love to Chrissy, the one I married on May 29, 2004, in Austin, TX.

Here’s my prayer for you: that those of you who are married would recommit to the words you uttered and symbols you exchanged 1, 5, 20, or 50 years ago.


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