what if?

What if…righ_gra.jpg

… Jesus and early Christians never could have imagined (or hoped) that being a Christian would become anything but being radically counter-cultural, persecuted (by the principalities and powers), marginalized, and yet altogether joy-filled and attractive (as a community)?

… There are those who are powerful and significant in God’s eyes &emdash; and don’t even know it?

… Christianity is more about who we are when we’re not at church?

… Christianity was never about “church” at all &emdash; but a collection of lives sold out for the worship and mission of their Creator?

… Our faith and any of the competing power structures (the political arena, in particular) are diametrically opposed to each other?

… We have more to learn about the person of Jesus from the poor, sick, and young than all the PhDs in the world &emdash; combined?

… The message of Christianity was as much about the first 25 chapters of Matthew as it is about the last three?

all we needed was God?

… Christianity was never intended to be a religion?

What if we’ve been missing the point all this time?


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