Neaves & Leaves

This past Sunday and Monday (Columbus Day), we went with our friends Matt & Pam to New Hampshire to camp, hike, and “leaf peep.” The foliage was at its peak. So was the fun. See for yourself:

This was the view from our campsite. No joke. Right now, we’re ruining the view.

“Holts & Neaves” kinda has the same ring as “Lewis & Clark.” Does that mean Damon is equivalent to Pocahontas? Deep thoughts…

We were tracking this moose on the way back down the mountain. This is how we knew it was a moose we were tracking. I know moose dung when I see it.

This is me at the top of Lucia’s Lookout, the destination for our hike on Monday. I felt like I could see forever through Matt’s cheap, plastic binoculars that he got for free from his workplace.

Jumping picture. Again, we are probably ruining a perfectly good vista.

I just thought this looked cool. Very Matrix-like.

You can see all 125 of the photos of this glorious “Neaves & Leaves” Weekend by clicking here and then here.

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