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We’re now under occupation.


jesus-camp-180.jpgThere are two documentaries coming out soon that paint “Christianity” in a less-than-favorable tone. There’s Jesus Camp, which tells the story of one summer camp where kids as young as 6 are being enlisted to fight against the popular culture in “God’s Army.” It’s hard to explain why this makes me feel slightly nausious … just watch the trailer. GKB has had a few good posts about the movie, and was even interviewed about his feelings on the BBC.

The other movie that makes me more than slightly nauseous is Deliver Us From Evil, an award-winning documentary about the tragic Catholic church abuse scandal. This story was, of course, HUGE news here in Boston a few years back, and the spiritual wreckage from that scandal — and apparent cover-up — still remains here. I cannot even begin to imagine how many people’s lives — and often faiths — were destroyed because of selfishness and evil within an institution that so many people used to trust.


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  1. […] [Note: I posted on Jesus Camp when it was first released in theaters, linking to some good reflections from Greg Kendall-Ball] […]


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