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First off, let me go on the record as saying that the last few days’ conversation on this blog (and, to a lesser degree, on the blog of Drunken Tune) has been more thought provoking and rich than just about any conversation I’ve been a part of on the blogosphere. I think we all agree (as many have said) that the DT’s tone and spirit throughout this process — despite being the lone skeptic in a sea of “believers” — has been incredibly admirable.

You are welcome to continue to post comments on the entry below or over at Drunken Tune’s site. He has offered to continue the dialogue for anyone who would still like to, and you may want to consider moving the conversation to his blog; after all, he has been working all day (until after 8 p.m. some days), coming home, and spending several hours each evening responding in one continuous post to a dozen or so comments… yikes!). Like I said, comments are certainly not closed on the post below this one, so I hope you’ll continue to check back. If you came to this blog for the first time as one interested in this intriguing dialogue, welcome! Please consider poking your head back in from time to time; you’ll find that we like to address many tough issues pretty regularly around here. (and pre-packaged, warmed-over answers usually won’t suffice…)

A note to the Christian readers: This conversation should have taught us all something important. The lessons will be different for each person, but please be aware of what God may be saying to you through this dialogue. Also, I hope this dialogue (as limited as this medium may be) has demonstrated that intelligent, loving, non-judgmental conversation is possible with those who are not walking the same path as we are. There are opportunities for such conversations in each of our cities and towns — sometimes under our own roof!


Now, onto weightier matters. (tongue implanted firmly in cheek…) This story about a Baptist church in New York state was sent my way by Lantern Bearer (thanks!) a few days back. It made me think, though, how grateful I am that Churches of Christ figured out solutions to these types of problems long ago. (cough…cough…)


It’s no secret that Jesus is a frequent subject in the lyrics of many “secular” (for the sake of time, I won’t go into why I reject many things about the common dichotomy between “sacred things” and “secular things”) music artists and bands. (IMHO, some of the more provocative images of Jesus come from “secular” artists, not the Christian music industry) A.V. Club has a pretty good list of songs that feature our Lord, some in serious tones and some in less-than-serious tones:

The A.V. Club’s Definitive Mixlist: The New Adventures Of Jesus


Speaking of provocative, this is one of the more provocative (in a good way) God-related things I’ve seen in a while. This was done by the folks at Seattle Metro Church, which was planted by several couples from Harding University. If you have any interest at all in the spirituality of those who do not claim to be Christians, you’ll want to watch this.


Finally, take a look at JMH’s post about “practicing the kingdom of God.” Simple, powerful stuff.


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