questions for Christians

DrunkenTune — a participant on this blog since our Christian-Athiest Dialogue a little over a month ago — left the following questions in the comments of the “photoupdate” post, and they are too good to remain there. I want to open them up to the rest of this blogging community to answer. I hope you’ll give them a few moments of your time and answer them honestly.

I’m not sure which is the best way to say this, so I’ll be blunt. I have some questions for those that profess to be Christians, and I’m hoping you can help. You’re the type of Christian [I hate to generalize] that isn’t all fire and brimstone because I happen to not believe. Which is good. I’m not one of those drive-by trolls that’s trying to stir up an argument or start calling names. In fact, I’ve been reading your website off an on now for a while. I even wrote a comment a month ago when I thought things needed clarification. I’m genuinely interested in your answers. I’m not here to point out what I see as contradictions in the Old and New Testaments or call all theists crazy. I happen to find you guys thoughtful enough to emulate in your lives.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not trying to pick a fight.

I was wondering if you could answer me these questions:

[1] Did you search for evidence, or rely strictly on faith, in your acceptance of Christ?

[2] If you rely only on faith, then is there any other way to accept Christianity over any other religion, or any sect of Christianity over another, besides convenience?

[3] If you rely on evidence you have seen, can that evidence be presented to me in a way that a reasonably critical mind could accept as genuine?

A caveat, if I may. For [3], if any personal experiences are given, which are between your lord and yourself, I’ll have to consider that an absence of evidence that can be presented to me, and instead a reliance on faith. If you quote scripture, that is fine with you, but I do not recognize that as sufficient evidence. I do not mean to offend, only learn. I hope you can help.


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