Just downloaded these photos of a concert in a local park off my camera so you can see them. It was a big band-style performance last Sunday night — a summer tradition in East Boston. We went with our friends Matt and Pam. Enjoy.

Here we are with our new friends, Matt and Pam. God sent Matt and Pam our way, if you recall, at an Italian festival in East Boston about a month and a half ago. Since then, God has knitted our hearts, personalities, and visions together in a way neither couple ever could have predicted (or planned).

During the summer, a local non-profit sponsors free concerts in a park near our house. (Look at the skyline behind the band!)
Big Band Piers Park.jpg

Here’s a close-up of our new Eastie buds, the Neaves. (you can find out more about this amazing couple and their calling on their Web site: — some of their info is outdated, but it gives you a pretty good overview…)

At one point during the concert, I got pretty hungry. Well, there was Pam’s head, so I partook…

Here we are.

Last but not least, here are some random ones. Damon is now officially a Red Sox fan! Though after the rompings at the hands of the Yankees these last two days, even Damon’s asking, “What have you done for me lately?”
Damon Sox Fan 3.jpgDamon Sox Fan 2.jpg


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