I’m convinced that more often than not, they see it better than we do. “They” meaning those who do not even claim to be Christians, and “it” referring to the inconsistencies between our lives and the one we claim to follow.

Ben Folds is one of these “theys” who has gotten it right with his song, “Jesusland” (IMHO). It’s been out for a while now, but I just “got it” recently.

For the best experience, watch the music video by clicking here and then going to “footage.” Here are the lyrics as well. These words are convicting. Notice all the things he associates with Christianity.

Take a walk246882.jpg
out the gate you go and never stop
past dollar stores and wig shops
quarter in a cup for every block
and watch the buildings grow
smaller as you go

Down the tracks
beautiful McMansions on a hill
that overlook a highway
with riverboat casinos and you still
have yet to see a soul


Town to town
broadcast to each house, they drop your name
but no one knows your face
Billboards quoting things you’d never said
you hang your head and pray

for Jesusland

Miles and miles
and the sun’s goin’ down
Pulses glow
from their homes
You’re not alone
Lights come on
as you lay your weary head on their lawn

Parking lots
cracked and growing grass you see it all
from offices to farms
crosses flying high above the malls
Along the walk

through Jesusland


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