more east boston friends

UPDATE: Today, I, Steve, was hired by Vantage Global Travel to be their newest copy writer! Praise God! This position is perfect in so many ways, which could only mean our Creator is responsible. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. So thanks to those who have been praying diligently for this…your prayers were felt — and answered!


We ate dinner last night with a young couple that also recently moved to East Boston (in the last year) with the purpose of joining God’s work here. They moved from San Diego, where Matt (the husband) was involved in an organic, simple through-and-through, and completely incarnational ministry to the poor.

Here’s what it looked like: Christians living in six houses at the end of a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood known for its poverty, exemplifying Christ in word and deed. One day, they began handing out PB&J sandwiches to homeless people out of one of the homes, and after a few years, they were serving 250 families food every week. But that’s not all: They had huge “love feasts” every Saturday, where they would invite the poor, the homeless, the marginalized into their homes to sit at big tables and celebrate Jesus with them. They had an “open door policy” for the houses, where people could walk in and out. Now that’s extreme hospitality. Similar to the quote to which I referred a few months back. Very simple. Very relational. Very Jesus-centered.

Well, Matt met his lovely wife (Mary) in San Diego, was married last Fall, and soon after felt called to return to the Boston area (where he grew up). They have a vision for seeing God do in East Boston something similar to what He did in California. They are a Spirit-led couple who will become three next January with the addition of a new baby.

We have been praying with them and asking God what He wants to do in East Boston, and specifically what He wants to do through the four of us. Praise God for the ways in which He is leading us and confirming East Boston as the place we need to be right now.


Thanks for your prayers about the job hunt. (or “job delivery,” as my friend Matt says…since God is going to “deliver” the perfect job…) The interview on Wednesday went OK — no big blunders, I was relaxed — but even better was the interview I had yesterday morning. It was to be a copy writer for a travel company, and I honestly couldn’t find any negative aspects about the job: easy commute, close to Chrissy’s school, flexible hours, fun team, great supervisor, deadline-driven, on-site fitness, travel benefits, good pay, opportunities to advance, yada yada yada… From what I could tell, I’m the leading candidate for the position. Don’t want to get the horse before the cart, but I’ll keep you all posted on any new developments. Keep up your prayers, though! They are certainly felt…


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