jesus: the main attraction

When we teach about organic church (OC), it is not the kind of church (organic, seeker sensitive, purpose-driven…whatever) that is attractive to lost people, it is Christ, and Christ alone. When we make it about church — what kind of church, what is done at church, how is it done, who is the preacher/singer — we miss the point. Unless we realize that it is Christ in us that makes church anything better than the Kiwanis Club we miss the plot. Lost people are not spending their hours trying to figure out how to get to church, or what kind of church they would like. The typical lost person sees only two things that church is good for: marrying and burying, and most are trying to avoid both. (Neil Cole, “Why Organic Church Has an Edge on Outreach,” May 2006)

I like that. I think it pretty much explains what we’re up to — what Christ’s up to — in Boston these days. We want our neighbors to be attracted to HIM (ideally, Christ in us), not to some flashy church service. As I’ve mentioned before, I think I’m pretty much finished with the “church planting” language. We’ve maintained all along that Jesus Christ is an infinitely better minister/missionary in Boston than we could ever hope to be; in fact, He’s the greatest minister in history.

If people come, let them come to Christ, and to Christ alone.


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