Random “What I did today” post, which I generally hate:

We caught the matinee showing of “A Prairie Home Companion” this afternoon in Harvard Square and then got some extremely above-average dinner at Grendel’s Den. You may remember Grendel’s Den from the Food Network’s “$40 a Day” or from “Good Will Hunting.” Then we walked around Harvard Square and tried to fit in with all the eggheads, which we failed miserably at.

By the way, I’m taking orders for anti-Bush gear. They have it all in Harvard Square. My personal favorite was this. Who would actually use this stuff? It’s like gold!

[note to those who don’t know me as well as Miller: Don’t take this little post-ette too seriously. No, really. Don’t.]

We’re having a blast in Beantown. We’re still waiting for the “vacation” feeling to wear off. Eventually it will, because we live here. Weird.


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