Time spent on the car with Chrissy and the folks: Long (40 hours), but fun.

Gas expense between Abilene and Boston: Rediculous.

Amount spent on furniture at IKEA to furnish our apartment: More than expected.

Finally getting the Internet hooked up in BOSTON: Priceless.

Well, we’re here. We actually arrived here Monday evening, got everything unloaded from the U-Haul Tuesday morning, and began the “setting up” process. Any of you who have moved know what I’m talking about. Chrissy and I both had interviews downtown yesterday afternoon — her for a position at her university and I for a position with a non-profit. Chrissy was offered the position today (on a part-time basis) beginning in the fall, and I won’t hear back for another few weeks. In the meantime, I’m going to hit the job-hunting trail pretty hard.

Our town home is amazing. More than we could have asked for. One step off our porch, and we’re looking at the larger-than-life skyline of Boston. We are some of the first tenants to move into our phase of the re-development community, which will allow us to be friendly to those who are coming after us. We already have met several of our neighbors, including our next-door neighbors. The neighborhood-at-large (East Boston) is largely Hispanic, characterized by ethnic restaurants of all kinds, fútbol in the park, and lots of pedestrians. In fact, the first thing we saw when we drove up on Monday was a park-full of kids playing, men playing soccer, dog-walking, and folks chatting with their neighbors. All that, and schools don’t let out for another two weeks!

Overall, we are very encouraged so far. My parents have been an amazing help. It’s crazy that we’re here, living in this wonderful city. There’s so much more to say, but I’ll close with this funny story:

My dad was returning the U-Haul, and he handed the lady at the counter the invoice from the trailer rental. She looked hard at it, then asked, “Is this thing hand-written? I haven’t seen a hand-written invoice in years. Where was this trailer rented?”

“In Texas.”

By now, her associates were gathering around to see this rarity.

“Do they have computers in Texas? Electricity?”

And so the Texas jokes begin. I’m still waiting for the first Dubya joke, to which I will laugh heartily, and respond with one of my own.

Blessings, friends!


Here are some photos of our new digs:


I kid you not, this is what we see just steps from our townhouse:


We can see the Old North Church and Bunker Hill Monument, among other historical sights, practically from our front porch:


Here are a couple more of our town house (our neighborhood isn’t quite completed yet, so that explains the road cones and piles of sand and mulch in the photos):

TownHouseUpClose.jpg LandingStreet.jpg

Do we deserve this? God is good.

Click on any of the photos above to see more.


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