GKB has facilitated quite a discussion of the Christian approach to wealth and prosperity. Discussions like that bring out every possible opinion, from “God wants us to be rich” to “God wants us to be poor,” and everything in between. Sometimes it makes my head hurt.

But instead of defining ourselves as Christians by what we are not (not rich, not poor), what if Christians began to make some bold commitments to how we’re going to live?

Could we commit to not seeking our own interests, but the interests of our Father?

Could we commit to modeling a radically different way from the way of this world?

Could we commit to seeing that in our communities of faith, no one is going to be in need?

Could we commit to seeing that our eyes are fixed on Christ (and Christ alone)?

Could we commit to a “throwing off of all that hinders?”

Could we commit to trusting God for our provision?

Could we commit to viewing our “stuff” as God’s?

Could we commit to “seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God?”

Could we commit to “not storing up treasure for ourselves on this earth,” but treasures in Heaven?

Could we commit to following the way of Christ, who “had no place to lay his head?”

What implications do these raise? What would you add?


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