tough situation in tanzania

A friend of mine and his wife are beginning a degree at ACU in preparation to join some teammates in Tanzania for long-term missions. (two couples, I think, are already in Tanzania planting churches in Mwanza) One of his teammates told my friend that a famine in the country has gotten so bad that providing for physical needs had become priority numero uno. Folks from the church (and from around the congregation) are really feeling the effects of constant hunger because of the famine, resulting in sickness and probably death (he didn’t tell me about deaths, but one can only assume…).

I asked my friend if his missionary teammates had considered facilitating any simple development projects that might bring more sustainable relief to the area around their church. He said that this probably wouldn’t be possible, seeing as how at least one of the supporting congregations specifically said, “No development projects. Just church planting/evangelism.”


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