Boston 2006: The First Few Days

I could go on and on about how Boston is the best city (which it is) and how we wish we could stay past this week (which we do) and all that jazz, but it’s just your standard issue stuff.

Boston has been wonderful. We have seen much of the city, met some wonderful people, and been reminded of God’s love for and work in this great American city.

Here are a few highlights thus far:

Saturday and Sunday: We spent time with old friends from my childhood church, Connecticut Valley Church of Christ in Windsor, CT, which my parents helped plant in the early 80s.

Sunday night: Met with Aaron and Amy Graham at their South Boston apartment. This couple was invited to do a Bible study with some local folks in a neighborhood food pantry, and the “folks” invited them back the next week. It happened again the following week, and so began what is now the Quincy Street Missional Church in Dorchester. The community has seen some transformation just because of the presence of Ma. Siss’s Place (the food pantry) and now the Grahams and the church. The Grahams have also helped launch Kaleo Ministries and the Boston Faith and Justice Network, two important organizations in the city. We look forward to deepening our friendship and partnership with the Grahams, a couple through whom God is working in Boston.

Monday: Did the tourist thing around Boston on a mild, rainy day. Took an official tour of Boston’s Mecca, Fenway Park. Incredible tour. We (along with two members from the Harding church planting team) learned all about the history of the BoSox and the major league’s oldest ballpark. We also took a “SilverLine tour” to get further acquainted with the layout of the city. Relaxing, informative day.

Tuesday: Drove around and observed Dorchester, one of the neighborhoods we are considering for housing. Ate lunch with Beth Maynard, an Anglican priest and author of Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog, who lives south of the city and was a wealth of information regarding the cultural and spiritual landscape of Boston. Looked at a few apartments in the Dorchester area, most of which are being filled immediately. Ate dinner out with my parents at Massimino’s, a wonderfully quaint Italian restaurant in the North End. Hooked up with several from the Harding team for some conversation and prayer afterward.

Wednesday: Drank coffee with Nathan, Tim, and Kim, who are involved in a newly planted collegiate ministry in the north part of the city. Met with the off-campus housing director at Suffolk University, searched for jobs with downtown universities, and Chrissy met with her adviser and finalized her Fall schedule. Explored South Boston (Southie), and were shown several available apartments by real estate agents. We loved Southie! (much colder and windier today!) Dined with friends Zach and Sarah Shaner and Chad Smith at Trident, a café and rare bookstore. Heaven.

Lots more to do this week. Thanks for your prayers. We are having a blast, and are more sure than ever that Boston is the place God wants us. I’ll check in later this week.


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