the organization

Chrissy and I are partnering with another couple in a dream they’ve had for several years. We’re excited about the possibilities of how this dream might literally change the world. Until we hire a marketing team, we’re calling this dream “The Organization.” Here are a few questions we’d like you to chew on with regards to “The Organization.” Your input is invaluable.

Would you support an organization that sought to truly help those around the world who are suffering from injustice and poverty?

More specifically, what if this organization served as a “switchboard,” connecting the needs of tribes, towns, and people groups in developing nations — such as running water, affordable energy sources, agricultural development, or skills development — with solutions to or resources for those needs in more developed nations (ie, “teaching a man to fish”)? And what if this organization matched marketable skills or resources in the Western world with needs in the developing world?

What if this organization focused on “partnerships” with individuals and groups of individuals in developing nations rather than traditional paternalistic charity relationships, recognizing that even the richest nations in the world have something to gain from every child of God?

Would you support an organization that refused to use “humanitarian aid” as leverage for evangelism, but instead sought to see God’s holistic, redemptive reign break loose in all parts of the world?

What if the chasm between “evangelism” and “humanitarian aid” (often perceived to be opposites) could be bridged?

What if resources and expertise actually got to the people for whom they are intended?

What if we quit mindlessly throwing money at problems in Africa and other developing nations, and actually began to empower and equip those who are in need?

What if two young, idealistic, slightly wacko couples really thought an organization like this could change the world?

Would you support such an organization?


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