Tuesday Update: My CSC boss, Jim Clark, just got back from the National Pastors Convention in San Diego, and he brought me back a book (always a good thing to do for Steve): The Irresistible Revolution: Living As An Ordinary Radical, by Shane Claiborne.  I’m so excited about ripping into this book, especially after reading Brian McLaren’s endorsement on the inside cover:

Sometimes I think there is realy only one Christian denomination in America: American Civil Religion — a consumerist, militarist, therapeutic, colonial, nationalist chaplaincy that baptizes and blesses whatever the richest nation on the planet wants to do.  But then I hear a voice like Shane’s, and I know that at least a few follow another leader on a less-traveled road. Read this book and let it make you uncomfortable, as it did me.  We need this kind of discomfort more than we know.



Jimps has some challenging thoughts today regarding his current disappointments. Not too unlike many young Christians in the West, I suppose.


I continue to be amazed at what God is doing around the world. TallSkinnyKiwi just got back from the D.A.W.N. (Discipling a Whole Nation) get-together in Johannesburg, S. Africa, where leaders from the various church planting movements around the world gave reports. My professor, Kent Smith, gave the report on North America. In India, one woman and her husband have been linked to the planting of 14,000 house churches in the last 10 years. This report is consistent with others I’ve heard about God’s work in India, where a lay-movement of disciple-making like the world has never seen has broken loose. Wow!


On a related note, did you know that according to missiologists, the typical Christian in the world in 2006 is a middle-aged Nigerian woman?

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